November 2022

The Tang Ting Twinning Association (TTTA) may have seemed to have disappeared but, with the onset of the Covid lockdowns and the restrictions involved, our normal sources of funding i.e. fetes, local fayres, social events etc. were not available to us. Nevertheless, due to the generosity of many of our supporters’ funds continued, albeit at a much-reduced rate. This enabled us to carry out our commitments to the Day Care Centre for the children in Tang Ting, the Thalassemia Clinic in Kathmandu, the Siddhi Memorial Hospital in Baktapur, the Deaf Society in Pokhara and the medical supplies for the poor and sick in the surrounding villages (with one very generous supporter continuing to support KAT, the marvellous veterinary clinic in Kathmandu that treats all stray animals and cares for them until they can find them good homes). Obviously, this has depleted the coffers somewhat so we hope to be in a position to start some of these events again, so, if you are looking for a Christmas present with a little difference do let us know if there are any events locally that we can attend to display these goods.

In July the Nepalese Community held their first jamboree BBQ since lockdown. This was a wonderful chance for old friends to re-unite and new friends to join us. It was good to see the Chairman of UDC Councillors there, together with a number of army personnel and residents from Debden and Wimbish joining in the fun.

Earlier in the year a number of Nepalese visited Nepal and kindly went to Tang Ting village to present much needed funds to the medical team. A number of sick or destitute people were unable to afford the medicine or help they needed; local villagers try their best to help neighbours, but it is not easy, particularly as a number of the men who worked abroad to support their families lost their jobs when the Covid pandemic struck and had to return home thus making the situation even worse for many of the villages. Enough money for 6 months for the much-needed medicine was distributed, with a guarantee that we would do our best to contribute funds for the following 6 months, so we hope you want a lot of Christmas presents!!

For anybody wanting to become involved with the Charity in some way, please do not hesitate to contact us – even if it’s only to be informed of what events we anticipate holding.

Contact Nikki Callway on 01799 540881